Scientists Decode Diabetic Sniffing Abilities Of Dogs

[Discreet Chemical Scent Indicates Low Blood Sugar]

Dogs are truly man’s greatest friends. They not only make our lives exciting and fun, but can also keep us safe from all sorts of trouble.

Among all the amazing abilities that dogs posses, is also the ability to detect and warn us against imminent medical emergencies.

This is why dogs are often trained to keep an eye on people who require constant monitoring for medical conditions such as heart attacks or low blood sugar.

Scientists have remained baffled by this ability of dogs that lets them detect low blood sugar and alert their owners in time.

But now, researchers from the University Of Cambridge seem to have discovered the secret behind this superpower.

During a new research, the scientists found that dogs could smell a very specific chemical on our breath, which indicated a drop in blood sugar.

It’s called Isoprene, and it was found that during periods of low blood sugar, our body increased the production of this chemical.

While it’s not possible for humans to detect this change, dogs however have a very heightened sense of smell and can easily detect this change.

Scientists were able to verify this fact through experiments in which they carefully lowered the subjects blood sugar levels to the point of hypoglycaemia to study changes in the chemical signatures of their exhalations.

It was through this process that they realized the secret behind out canine friend’s ability for threat detection. They will now work on trying to replicate this process through various sensors in laboratory settings.

If successful, it might lead to creation of machines that will let us test blood sugar levels just by breathing.

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Posted on : 07 Jul 2016 @ 09:39

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