Scientists Implant False Visions Into Subject’s Mind

[New Technique Could Have Therapeutic Benefits]

Manipulating the minds of people to change their thoughts is not a new concept. However, most techniques that claim to be successful in this endeavor are often not provable enough to be taken seriously.

Now, scientists from Brown University claim to have found a way to do exactly this, and prove it as well. They have been able to do this with the help of experiments based around the idea of neurofeedback.

NeuroFeedback is where the brain is monitored via fMRI Machines and the results are then used as a parameter to measure and influence the thought process of the user.

By targeting two different areas of the brain, the scientists were able to train their subjects to think of the color red, while they were actually looking at black and white stripes.

This ability to elicit a response from the brain, without actually presenting it with the actual stimuli is a great breakthrough in the field of mental manipulation.

While it may not seem like a big enough accomplishment, the mere fact that this has actually been made possible gives up hope that with further research this technique could one day be used to drastically shorten the time and energy it takes for us to deal with various mental disorders.

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Source: Cell Journal
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Posted on : 11 Jul 2016 @ 00:30

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