Self Powering Water Wheel Pump

[Unique Pump Design Draws Water Without Electricity]

Water is one of the most abundant element on the face of the earth, covering almost 70% of the surface in the form of oceans, lakes and rivers.

A vast majority of the population draws water from these different sources for their personal use with the help of different types of pumps.

These pumps need some sort of power to make them run. This power as expected costs money, which makes water pumping a pricey function for most people.

But, an ancient design for a water pump can help you remove the cost factor by using the force of flowing water itself to run the pump.

This design, created originally in 1746, uses a long pipe coiled on itself to pump the water. As the water enters the bottom pipe, which is immersed in the water source, the whole coil starts rotating.

The alternating sequence of air and water moving through the pipe pushing the water into the innermost part of the coil, from where it can be shifted to a storage point somewhere else.

The modern recreation of this old design used a 6-ft Diameter Wheel which is made of 160ft of 1-1/4inch inside diameter flexible polyethylene pipe.

The prototype is up and running at Windfarm Museum and is capable of pumping up to 3,900 gallons of water every day. With this successful display, it has been proved that even an ancient technology can give us great insights into sustainable designs.

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Posted on : 14 Jul 2016 @ 02:32

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