Smart Door Concept

[Safety Door With Inbuilt Smartphone Features]

While almost all aspects of our lives have become digitized, our homes themselves are still as offline as they could be.

While a lot of companies have tried pushing the home automation movement forward, it still hasn’t gained a lot of traction owing to the fact that automating our home requires a lot of modification.

To take care of this hurdle, a lot of companies are now trying to modernize specific aspects of the house, such as windows and mirrors.

This trend was first established when theĀ Selfie Mirror came to light, and is now being carried forward by the new Smart Door Concept.

The Smart Door is just like any other regular safety door, with the exception that it has a smartphone built into it.

With the help of this technology, it is able to keep an eye on both sides of the house, aided by thermal and video cameras and motions sensors.

To aid with the surveillance aspect of the door, the system learns to recognize you and your family, so that it can open automatically in order to give you ease of access.

You can also operate the locks through the smartphone app, which sends constant alerts for not only everyone who comes near your door, but also if they try to break in.

This helps beat the need for installing a separate security system. It was these features, along with it’s aesthetic beauty that earned this concept the Red Dot Design Award for Design Concept.

We just hope that someone would actually make one of these so that we too can enjoy it’s benefits.

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Posted on : 24 Jul 2016 @ 00:58

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