Smart Sutures For Health Monitoring

[Sutures Embedded With Electronics Measure Healing In Real Time]

The idea of using flexible electronics to monitor the health of patients is not a new things. There have been experiments before that follow this approach with the help of smart bandages, pills and other formats.

However, no matter what format they may follow, it becomes quite hard to keep an eye on the affected body part without being obtrusive.

Now, researchers from Tufts University have found a way to make health monitoring seemless and highly accurate, by using electronics embedded in sutures to monitor the area of the wound.

These Smart Sutures are designed to send regular feedback from the stitching area to your smartphones using Bluetooth. This feedback includes data about temperature, pressure, stress, glucose and pH levels among other things.

By collecting and transmitting this data in real time, the doctors are able to understand exactly how the body is responding to the treatments, and if there is anything hindering the healing process.

Currently, this technology relies on a small circuit board to carry out the transmitting process, however with further development, it is expected to get even more minute and complex.

We are very excited about monitoring the progress of this technology, as it will certainly change the way we deal with post-op monitoring.

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Posted on : 26 Jul 2016 @ 23:38

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