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[Special Glasses Prevent Others From Seeing Your Smartphone Screen]

Smartphone security is a very big concern for millions of people all over the world. This is why there is a whole industry of people who work towards providing you software based solutions for improving the security of your smartphone.

However, the big drawback of these services is the fact that almost all of them are geared towards keeping your phone secure while you are away from it.

This leaves out the security issues that occur while you’re actually using the phone; the most common one being people who like to snoop over your shoulders while you’re using your phone.

To take care of this problem, a mobile repairman from Turkey, by the name of Celal Göger has invented a special hardware based solution that makes your smartphone screen invisible to other users.

The system that makes this amazing feat happens consists of two microchips that communicate with each other through Bluetooth.

The first chip is installed inside the phone, where it runs a special program that turns the display of the phone completely white.

The second chip is mounted on a pair of glasses, which decodes the programs to make the screen visible only to the user.

While the exact functioning of the system hasn’t been revealed yet, we can call it a new form of augmented reality security system.

While the demonstration has only been made on a smartphone for now, the developer believes that it could be used with any device, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops or even your TV.

Given the immense possibilities of the technology, the developer is now working on patenting it. Once that’s done, we can hope for it to be developed further, to the point where it can be licensed to various electronics giants.

The hope is that one day, this technology will become a commonplace solution for personal security, being used by millions worldwide.

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Posted on : 06 Jul 2016 @ 23:45

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