Snake Bite Antidote For Dogs

[Scientists Finish Fully Tested Venom Cure]

Snakes are dangerous creatures that kill thousands of people and animals across the world every year. While there are plenty of cure for snake bites in humans, there is still a glaring lack of them when it comes to animals.

Apart from humans, one of the most bitten animals by snakes are dogs, and just like we just said, there was a glaring lack of venom cures for them, until now.

Now, scientists at CSIRO in Australia, in collaboration with Padula Serums, a small biotech company have found a way to remedy this issue by producing an anti-venom to treat the bites of Eastern Brown and Tiger snakes.

These snakes are some of the more common species of snakes present in Australia, and lead to thousands of snake bites each year among both humans and dogs.

By creating a fully tested anti-venom for these snake bites, the researchers have found a way to help save the lives of possibly millions of dogs all over the world.

As we speak, the researchers are completing final testing, so that the anti-venom can be submitted for approval by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.

Once done, it will be stocked in veterinary offices all over the country for sale and purchase. The hope is that adoption of this medication would also encourage future development of cures like this for other animals.

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Posted on : 16 Jul 2016 @ 23:38

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