Subsix Underwater Restaurant

[Eat Among Fishes In The Indian Ocean]

Eating out is a very pleasant experience for most people. Not only do you get to enjoy all types of delicious food, but the change of scenery is also highly appreciated.

Knowing this inclination of customers, many restaurants try to enact some sort of gimmick or theme, which will attract customers to their establishment.

While there have been some pretty wild themed restaurants over the ages, probably none of them match the extravagance and exclusivity of Subsix.

The Subsix Restaurant is part of the PER AQUUM Niyama Resort located in the Maldives. What makes this place unique is that it lets it’s patrons dine 20 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean.

Even the name of the restaurant symbolizes the fact that it is located six meters under the surface of the ocean, which makes it an extremely wonderful and isolated experience.

To make this amazing feat of human engineering possible, the builders first found a cozy little coral reef located at a 15 minutes distance from the resort.

They then proceeded to build the entire structure within the coral reef, so that the whole thing is surrounded by beautiful creatures while still being safe from underwater threats.

The furniture, moldings and even the extravagant bar were created on land and later immersed in the water. The structure was then topped off with a coral like entrance, which features a beautiful 3 tier staircase illuminated by chandeliers brought all the way from Italy.

The nautical theme influences almost all aspects of the design, so that it looks and feels that your are seated amongst the fishes, which if you think about it, you actually are.

Places like this are great reminders of how far we have come in terms of construction and design, and also a glimpse of how far we will possibly go in the future. So, if you happen to be in the area, make sure to check it out.

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Posted on : 29 Jul 2016 @ 13:06

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