Surface Wave Cloaking

[New Technology Has Potential For Creating Invisibility Cloaks]

Most detection technologies rely on the distortion that light goes through after it’s reflected around the objects. This distortion is what helps radars see these objects in 3D.

It goes without saying that stealth technologies too rely on this distortion to hide objects. They do so by either absorbing or reflecting the light in order to minimize this distortion.

Now, researchers from the UK have found a way to improve upon this process by using nanoparticles based materials to make a raised object appear flat to electromagnetic waves.

This special material is made of different layers of nanoparticles, with have different electrical properties. These properties help bend/curve the reflection of light.

By doing so, the electromagnetic waves that hit the object can pass through it without scattering or creating any other types of distortions.

Since there is no distortion, the object is rendered optically undetectable to current imaging technologies. Researchers believe that this achievement has brought us a lot closer to the development of real life invisibility cloaks for both objects and humans.

We just have to wait for the time when this technology becomes a lot more efficient, as well as cheaper. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Posted on : 21 Jul 2016 @ 11:11

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