Swallowable Origami Robot

[Tiny Robot For Stomach Cleansing]

Our stomachs are extremely messy places with all sorts of stuff just lying around forming a clutter. While most of this stuff is food, often we also end up swallowing random stuff that can be harmful to your bodies.

So far, the only way of getting rid of this stuff is either through laxatives, or through surgery. Now, an invention created by researchers from MIT aims to offer a solution to this problem.

This invention is a tiny robot, called the Origami Robot, which is meant to be swallowed by the patient. Once inside the stomach, this robot then unfolds itself to capture the alien objects.

To make the robot go down unharmed, it is placed in an ice pill, which melts on the way to the stomach. Once free from it’s pill the robot is then free to be controlled by operators next to the patient.

The operator can then either use external magnetic fields to control the movements of the robot, or leave the robot to navigate by itself, using a stick flip motion.

To make this robot truly safe for patients, it has been made from a special type of dried pig intestine, which is naturally biodegradable.

In all these choices, it can easily be seen that the main focus of the developers has been upholding the health and safety of the patients, so that they can get treatment with least discomfort.

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Source: MIT
Posted on : 09 Jul 2016 @ 14:10

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