Teal, World’s Fastest Production Drone

[Smart Drone Can Reach Speeds Of Upto 85MPH]

Drones occupy a very weird space in the technology space. Their wide range of uses and specifications makes them quite difficult to categorize.

Some of these uses include imaging, surveillance, recreation and even racing. As expected, the purpose of the drone helps define the parameters which the drone itself would follow, in both design and mechanics.

Following this logic, most racing drones don’t have the technical prowess of imaging / recreation drones, and in the same manner most imagine / recreation drones don’t have the performance capabilities of custom built racing drones.

However, now, a Utah-based company aims to blur the line between purpose and performance by launching what it claims is the world’s fastest production drone.

This drone is called the Teal, and it is a lightweight yet powerful quadcopter. This drone is capable of filming 4K video at 24fps while still reaching breakneck speeds of 85MPH.

It can also stream constant 720p video back to your phone/tablet, via an accompanying app, which also doubles up as a controller.

What makes this possible is the fact that the camera taking these images is actually built into the drone, rather than suspended from a gimbal.

Instead, it uses electronic stabilization to keep the image steady. This not only reduces the weight of the drone, but also makes it more aerodynamic.

This level of performance has it’s trade offs too, which come in the form of a reduced flight time of only 10 minutes at top speeds. In addition, the camera is also fixed in it’s position, with no option of angling it downwards.

However, these are simple compromises to make in return of such amazing performance. To ensure that the performance levels don’t dip with age, the drone also features a very powerful onboard computer.

This computer uses the infamous Nvidia Jetson TX1 module which gives the drone deep learning capabilities. What this means is that this drone is capable of easily learning any job it’s given as well as finding better ways of doing it.

All these features don’t come for cheap though. So if you are interested in buying this drone, you’ll have to shell out $1299, which is a lot of money even in the drone market. In the end, the decision lies on whether or not you can resist this work of art.

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