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[Addon Lens Being Used For Sperm Health Checks]

Medical tests are a hassle that most people don’t like dealing with. Not only do you have to make special appointments, but the procedures themselves feel too invasive sometimes.

This problem gets magnified when the tests being conducted require very personal donations, like sperm. The mere idea of donating a sperm sample in a laboratory makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

But now, a small device created by researchers from the University of Illinois aim to remove this discomfort by giving you the ability to test your own sperm.

This device is called the Tenga, and is a very tiny add-on lens for your smartphone camera. Once attached, it can magnify the image you’re taking by 555 times, which makes it possible to see individual sperm cells.

The images/videos taken through this lens can then be shown to doctors, who can then give accurate diagnosis of the issue. This way, you can easily remove the need for laboratory testing.

While this is certainly a godsend for a lot of shy men, it still is a disgusting practice nevertheless, as in order to use it, you have to place your semen sample on a plastic sheet and then press the camera up to it for recording.

Once wrong tremor of your hand and your smartphone will be covered in your own sperm, which is not something you’d like to deal it. That however is a distant issue, as the lens is only available in Japan for now.

So if you would like to get this lens for yourself, you’ll have to wait for a more global launch. We’ll keep you informed about it.

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Posted on : 30 Jul 2016 @ 14:27

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