The Dividing Printer

[Smart Prints Automatically Sorts Documents]

Printers are must have tools that have their place in every office around the world, despite the field of work done in that office.

The reliance of humans on printed paper is so ingrained in our working style, that it makes sure that these printers go through thousands of papers on an annual basis.

While the printing process differs from printer to printer in terms of speed and quality, there is still however one task that all printer owners have to go through, sorting.

The pain of sorting documents is something that we all go through. Whether we’re talking about a handful of papers or a couple hundred, it is still a painful manual task.

This process becomes even more painful when we consider all the document needs of an office with dozens of employees who share a single printer.

Now, a prototype of a smart printer, called the Dividing Printer, is here to solve this problem by automating the sorting process completely.

This printer, designed by In Young Jo & In Young Joo, does this job by simplifying the design itself, instead of adding complicated machinery.

This new design allows the printer to be mounted on a rail, on which the printer is free to move left or right while printing documents.

By moving left and right, the printer can create physical piles of paper based on different user profiles and keeps them segregated from the start.

It was this unique functionality that won The Dividing Printer a Red Dot Design Award for the year 2015. We just hope that one day we will see this type of printer in our office as well.

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Posted on : 12 Jul 2016 @ 11:14

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