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One of the most unavoidable parts of the shopping process is the time and energy we spend looking at things we want to buy.

This helps us grasp whether we like the feel of the object and imagine what it would be like to own the object.

However, this process has been completely removed in online shopping, which makes it hard for use to decide whether we actually want the thing that we’re buying.

This problem is often exaggerated at time when we’re shopping for a car online, as we can only see rudimentary information from a two dimensional perspective.

This deprives us of the great feeling that we get when we look at a new car, from all angles, trying to discover all it’s secrets.

To make sure that this gap doesn’t stop us from buying their cars online, Volvo plans to bring the products right into your home, with the help of the Microsoft HoloLens.

Under this project, they are creating a series of complex 3D Models, which would let you take a look at a life-size vehicle with the help of AR and VR technologies.

These models would let you check out various parts of the vehicles, as well as experience various simulated situations to understand the driving dynamics of the car.

While this may not be as good as a real test drive, it still is the next best thing to actually visiting a showroom.

We expect these sorts of models to become a mainstream norm to help potential buyers experience vehicles, home furnishings and all sorts of other items they may wish to purchase.

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