World’s Most Efficient Electric Vehicle

[Vehicle Breaks Guinness World Record]

It has taken electronic vehicle technology an extremely large amount of time and effort to be taken seriously. Part of the problem being that up until a few years ago, they weren’t considered viable for long range driving.

While several electric models in recent years have done a lot to address this issue, they still have to go a long way before electric power becomes a truly sustainable replacement for fossil fuels.

In order to help close the gap, the TUfast Eco Team from the University of Munich has developed what is being called the World’s Most Efficient Electric Vehicle.

This belief is not only shared by the team, but also the folks at the Guinness World Records, who have already awarded the vehicle this title for achieving a fuel efficiency of over 1232 kms/kWh.

In laymen terms, this level of efficiency would be the same, as if it were to drive over 11,000kms in a single liter of 95RON petrol.

To achieve this amazing feat, the team used a TUfast eLi14, which was initially created for the 2014 Shell Eco Marathon.

They modified the vehicle with revised magnetic placement and silver wire coils. They further added new rims along with ultra low friction bearings.

To top it off, they also upgraded the motor with a custom controller which was tweaked repeatedly until the magic figure was achieved.

Audi, being innovators themselves, gladly gave up their test track in order to help the students carry out the record attempt.

While this record may not mean a lot of regular people like you and me, but it still is a huge achievement for the huge community of developers and manufacturers who are working really hard to change the world with electric power.

We just hope that some of these ideas make their way to regular production cars so that we too can enjoy the benefits of long range driving.

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Source: TUfast Team
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Posted on : 23 Jul 2016 @ 00:14

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