World’s Smallest Camera

[3D Printed Camera Smaller Than A Grain Of Salt]

Photography has come a long way in the past century. We now live in an age where almost all aspects of our life are recorded through cameras that litter the face of the earth.

While these cameras can easily take pictures of us from all angles, they still are too big to take pictures from inside our bodies.

While this may not seem like a big issue for regular people, but for medical professionals, the ability to see what’s inside our bodies has very real implications.

To help with this, researchers from the University of Stuttgart have developed what’s being touted as the smallest camera in the world.

To give an idea of the exact size of this camera, all we can say is that it’s even smaller than a grain of salt. That’s small enough to fit inside a syringe and be injected into the body.

As you can expect, creating such a device is impossible through conventional methods. Therefore, the researchers used 3D Printing to create not only the camera but also the lenses.

The camera itself is quite versatile, as it packs three different lenses lens attached to a fibre optic cable that’s twice as wide as normal human hair.

The aim is to use this camera to detect and monitor various diseases in the human body that we are unable to detect with traditional imaging technology.

However, one simply cannot ignore the obvious implications of this technology in the spy world. So, be careful, anyone could be watching you without your knowledge.

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Posted on : 21 Jul 2016 @ 19:08

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