Abraj Kudai Hotel

[Hotel With 10,000 Rooms Being Built In Mecca]

Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest hubs for tourism in the world at this time. The reason being the presence of the city of Mecca, which is currently the largest annual Holy Pilgrimage held anywhere.

To understand the scope of this pilgrimage, you have to understand that over 15 millions Muslims take part in this pilgrimage, which in turn contributes upto $22.6 billion to the country’s GDP.

With numbers like this, it is expected that the city would become a hub of tourism related construction, created for the sole purpose of making the trip a pleasurable experience for those involved.

The latest move in this direction is the the plan of opening the World’s Largest Hotel in the city which would feature at least 10,000 rooms at the time of completion.

This hotel is being called the Abraj Kudai, and it would take over 1.4 million sq.mtrs in land and a $3.5 billion in funding for it to reach it’s goal.

In addition to the rooms, the hotel will also feature over 70 restaurants, various shops as well as several other attractions to keep the guests occupied.

The rooms themselves will be divided into 12 towers, out of which 10 will provide 4-star accommodations to common people while the other 2 will have 5-start amenities for a more exclusive clientele.

As expected, five of the rooftops will feature helipads that will become a separate entrance for the more affluent clients to enter the hotel.

As a homage to the Saudi Royal Family, the hotel will keep five floors reserved for them, which again, will be easily accessible via the helipads.

This way the hotel will receive the royal blessing even before it opens to the general public. Whether the public themselves will like it or not is another thing in itself.

We say this because construction like this has always divided people over itself, since half of the population really enjoys spectacles like this, while the other half considers it an eyesore in comparison to the rich architectural history of the city.

Despite all of that, what will make sure that this hotel deserves the recognition it gets is the fact, that it will still be the World’s Largest Hotel.

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Posted on : 18 Aug 2016 @ 22:17

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