Air Baby Car Concept

[Smart Babypod Keeps Your Child Safe From Pollution]

Pollution is a very big concern for all the people that live on this planet. Not only does it create problems for the existing population but also for the future generations.

While adults can learn to live with this problem, our kids are still quite vulnerable in these matters as their immune systems are pretty weak at that young age.

If exposed at a young age, and for an extended period of time, these kids can develop all sorts of disabilities and allergies that will make their lives a living hell.

This is why it is important to keep them protected. While this is easily achievable in a controlled environment at home, getting the same level of protection in the outside world is not that easy.

To help with this problem, designers Huang-yiqi, Liu-yiqi, Zheng-yonghao, Zhao-bingcong and Zhou-junbin have come up with a special child safety concept.

This concept is called the Air Baby Car, and it is a special type of baby pram that doubles up as a smart protective pod with safety features.

These safety features include a protective outer shell for keeping the baby safe from the elements of nature along with an inbuilt air filtration system.

The air filtration system is made up of two parts, one in the left wheel and another in the right one. As the air enters from the left wheel, it gets purified so that the baby isn’t exposed to pollution.

The used air is then filtered again and sent out through the right wheel, so that the device doesn’t add to the pollution that’s already circulated in the atmosphere.

While concepts like this may certainly seem like overkill in an ideal world, but given the amount of pollution we encounter on a daily basis, this solution is a necessity. We just hope someone creates these for real soon.

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Posted on : 07 Aug 2016 @ 02:01

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