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[Hormone Protects Cells From Dying]

Ageing is such a common part of our lives, that we don’t even consider it an abnormal function of the body. However, it is infact an abnormal activity that occurs in our body due to the shrinking of DNA in our cells.

In our youth, the DNA inside our cells is protected by a protective coating called Telomeres. This coating depletes over time as our cells keep replicating.

This happens until the moment that the telomeres gets so depleted that the cell can’t replicate anymore and dies. This activity happening on a large scale is what causes the human body to age.

While most people just try to hide this progression with the help of creams and surgical treatments, researchers from Brazil and US are instead focusing on finding a way to stop this progression altogether.

Towards this end, they have identified a steroid called Danazol, which is a synthetic male hormone, that is proven to stimulate the production of an enzyme called telomerase.

This enzyme is what stops the degeneration of telomeres, and in turns prevent ageing in the human body. As you can see, this method doesn’t exactly stop the degeneration per se, but it does replace the depleted telomeres with new ones.

In either case, the result is the same. Currently, this steroid is still under the testing phase, as we don’t yet know what the long term effects of this treatment could be.

But from a purely scientific point of view, this is probably the closest we are to actually stopping the effects of ageing on the human body.

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Posted on : 06 Aug 2016 @ 09:24

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