Armano Supercar Concept

[Concept Car Based On Ferrari Design]

In the world of automotive design, concept cars are almost like acts of catharsis that a designer carries out to get their creativity out in the open.

Sometimes these designs are completely authentic, made directly from the pool of imagination that the creator carries in his subconscious.

While at other times, these designs serve as an homage to the various car brands and vehicles that have captured our imagination over the years.

The concept we are looking at today is the second kind. It was designed by Lee Rosario and takes inspiration from Ferrari and it’s cars.

The concept is called Armanno and it features a futuristic low profile aerodynamic design made from carbon fiber and other lightweight materials.

The beautiful body rests on special rims created with titanium alloy for enhanced durability. There’s not a lot of space between the tires and the body, or the body and the ground.

This has been done by choice, in order to lower the center of gravity of the vehicle as much as possible. As expected from a futuristic concept, the wheels are powered by a hybrid engine.

We do not yet know what sort of suspension or engine schematics the designer had in mind while designing this concept, but whatever they were, must surely be as amazing as the design itself.

We just hope that Ferrari takes note of this concept and involves the design cues in their upcoming cars.

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Posted on : 07 Aug 2016 @ 17:00

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