Autonomous Tent

[Permanent Structure With Easy To Pack Design]

The funny thing about human society is the fact that we greatly love the outdoors, yet don’t actually want to live there, for obvious reasons.

This is why hotels, resorts and safari camps are always stuffed with people from all over the world, who want to experience the excitement without actually roughing it out.

This proclivity towards avoiding the elements of nature can often ruin the camping experience itself, as most outdoor equipment can only provide a certain level of protection.

On the other hand, staying inside hotel rooms situated far away from nature too can become boring in it’s own right, thus making the conflict two fold.

These problems can thankfully be solved with the help of innovative technologies, such as the Thermacell Pest Repellent which can help make your experience bite free.

However, even after you preserve yourself from foreign attacks, you still have to take care of the biggest hurdle, comfort. For that, we have an even more elegant solution, in the form of Autonomous Tent.

Before you get confused, autonomous tent is not a robotic transformer that will raise itself on it’s own. However, it is a very beautiful and stable housing solution for your outdoor needs.

Unlike regular tents, it’s design features a permanent structure, complete with space for furniture, doors and windows, yet unlike most permanent structures, it doesn’t require a foundation.

This makes it a very versatile product, which can easily be setup anywhere you want, in just a few days, and then uprooted when you want, without leaving behind a trace.

In this manner, if offers you all the creature comforts of a wooden cabin, while saving you the cost of land acquisition and other utilities.

The great thing about it, is that it can also be used for semi formal and formal gatherings, both in the wilderness, as well as in your backyard.

All in all, it is something that you can easily say, is made specially for you, thanks to it’s endless customization options. Although you must keep in mind that quality like this doesn’t really come cheap, as the setup can easily cost you somewhere between $100,000 to $200,000 depending on your needs.

Still, if you have enough spare change and really want to explore the outdoors in style, then by all means, go ahead and get one for yourself. It will surely be a great investment in your travel experience.

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