aVAD Intraventricular Heart Pump

[Compact Pump Wins European Approval]

When it comes to heart diseases and their treatment, the insertion of a heart pump is probably one of the most complicated procedures that is executed on patients.

This procedure involves opening up the heart, in order to insert a special pump that will help regulate the flow of blood in the heart.

As expected, with something as compact and complicated as the heart, the pump too should be equally compact and complicated in order to keep up with it.

A big problem however, with pumps like this is the fact that most of them, if small in size, don’t often carry the required amount of power to operate the heart at full potential.

On the other hand, if the pump is larger, then it can cause certain complications in the long run, as it becomes too much of a hindrance to the heart itself.

To help solve this problem, a Texas based company called ReliantHeart has created a compact heart pump, that has the necessary amount of power, while also being highly efficient.

This pump is named the aVAD Intraventricular Heart Pump, and it has just won approval in the European union, making it a viable option for heart implants.

The device itself is only 2.5 centimeters in diameter, with a 1.2 cm main channel for the blood to flow through. The main structure rests outside the ventricle, while a smaller component is inserted into the heart.

This component contains an adjustable pump depth mechanism which can provide optimal action for the specific needs of individual patients.

To give you an idea of how efficient this pump is, the company has claimed that the power consumption is down to as little as 30% of the usage by other ventricular assist devices.

In addition to all these feature, the company has also included the option for remote monitoring with the help of a 3G connection.

This way you aren’t left in the dark, wondering how the device is performing. So, if you are one of the people who could benefit from these feature, and who also likes to monitor their own health, then by all means, ask your doctors about it.

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