BAM – Boron, Aluminum & Magnesium

[World’s Most Slippery Material]

When it comes to engineering, friction is one of the most constant and consistent enemies of any sort of machinery being used for any sort of purpose.

To reduce this friction, engineers use various types of lubricants which offer various levels of friction management services, depending on the material’s coefficient of friction.

So far, Teflon was the favorite material to be used in these pursuits as it had the lowest coefficient of friction, at 0.05.

But now, a new material has taken that title with an even lower coefficient of friction, at 0.02. The material we are referring to is called BAM.

BAM stands for a combination of Boron, Aluminum and Magnesium, while also featuring a slight infusion of Titanium Boride. The effect of this combination is what has made BAM the most slippery material ever.

In addition to it’s slippery nature, the material is also extremely durable, rating as the third hardest material right after diamond and cubic boron nitride.

The combination of these abilities is what makes this material so special. But what makes it even more special is how it was first created.

Like a lot of amazing inventions, this material too was invented by mistake, when the researchers from the US Department of Energy Ames Laboratory were trying to create a substance that could convert heat energy into electrical energy.

Although that part wasn’t achieved, but it still was a pretty successful experiment considering everything else. Now, the same researchers are working towards finding more information about how this new material behaves.

The hope is that, if this material turns out to be easily modifiable, we might start seeing the development of new types of machines that don’t need an extra layer of lubrication.

Whether they come up with something like that or not is still not clear, but we will still keep an eye if anything like this happens.

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Posted on : 11 Aug 2016 @ 22:35

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