Battery Free Electronic Patch

[Wearable Patch Can Help Monitor Health]

Instant and constant health monitoring has been the goal of doctors and scientists for quite some time. Not only are these readings vital for measuring recovery, but general health as well.

However, keeping bulky and rigid devices strapped to a person can be quite irritating and exhausting. This is why, researchers from all over the world have been trying to develop all sorts of flexible monitoring devices.

Despite all the developments in this new field of science, there are still some limitations that stop devices like this from becoming mainstream.

One of these limitations is that up until now almost all devices like this required some sort of battery setup to provide them the power to run.

This becomes a problem, since the smaller the battery the less the backup, and if they try to increase the battery size, the device again starts to become bulky.

To help remove this problem once in for all, researchers from the University Of Illinois have created a battery-free electronic patch that sticks onto skin like a temporary tattoo.

This is made possible, because instead of conventional power, the patch uses power gathered wirelessly through smartphones via NFC.

With the limited amount of power available, the patch can still easily monitor heart rate, blood oxygen level, skin temperature, ultraviolet radiation exposure and even changes in skin color.

It goes without saying that these readings are quite valuable in keeping track of the general well being of the patient, as well as maintaining records of recovery.

The aim of the research is now to expand the range as well as the charging capacity of the device, so that one day it could be used on a large scale for health monitoring.

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