Biggest Difference Between DNA & RNA

[New Discovery Can Change How We View Genetics]

When we talk about the blueprint of life, the first thing that we imagine is the double helix structure of the DNA. It has been the single most important thing in the study of human life.

But in our fascination with DNA, we often forget it’s cousin, RNA, which makes sure that we function properly, as it is responsible for reading and executing the information stored in DNA.

For years now, scientists have wondered, what was the real reason behind the human body’s reliance on DNA for being the main carrier of all information while RNA gets stuck in a managerial position.

Well, now researchers from Duke University seem to have found the real reason behind this choice, and it seems to have a lot to do with flexibility.

What we are talking about is a new study that has shown DNA to have the ability to change it’s shape in order to compensate for any chemical damage.

What that means is that when the DNA finds an opportunity to adapt it can take it without any problems, while the RNA instead would split apart if it tried to do the same.

The reason seems to be the fact that RNA is just more packed together than DNA, which causes it to shift atoms while trying to change it’s orientation, which makes it a less than ideal candidate for evolution.

Since all life on this planet has always relied on it’s ability to adapt in order to survive, this made the choice easy and DNA was selected for the job of passing genetic information down through the generations.

This confirmation, while seemingly not so big, still fundamentally changes how we view genetics. In fact, the implications are so massive that we might have to make corrections all the science textbooks.

What must be remembered is that despite this new knowledge, we still don’t have a clear idea as to exactly how this information would change our approach towards science. Until we find more about that, all we can do is wait and watch.

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Posted on : 12 Aug 2016 @ 15:32

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