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For years now, designers of all types have been taking inspiration from the animal kingdom when it comes to creating stellar designs that inspire awe.

The focus of this inspiration are often creatures that rule the animal kingdom thanks to the abilities bestowed on them by nature itself.

These abilities can often be observed in the design of their body itself, since raw animal power has a way of exuding itself without even trying.

This effortless grace is what served as the inspiration for designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem, as he was creating this special concept bike, the BMW Typhoon.

This bike is based on the planet’s fastest animal, the Peregrine Falcon, who’s aerodynamic design can be seen in the front end of the bike.

This design carry back all the way to the rider seat, with the entire body being constructed of lightweight carbon fiber to match the lightness of the bird.

Apart from that, the bike features a naked style design, thus offering complete visibility of the turbo engine, which is a piece of art in itself.

As you can see, the entire design is kept stoic and simple, to emulate the nature of the predator. However, the parts where the rider interacts with the bike still offer some create comforts, such as leather saddles, leather handlebars as well as wooden inlays sprinkled through the design.

At the end of the day, it is this contrast between beauty and power that makes this bike such an appealing concept. It is also what makes BMW itself a celebrated brand.

While there is a minimal chance that this bike will ever have it’s day in a production facility, but if it does, it will surely bring a new sense of beauty and power to the BMW range.

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