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[Tiny Robot Uses Light Power To Move]

When it comes to robotics, often the size of the robot is directly linked to the size of the power source that it utilizes to take care of it’s movements.

For the sake of simplicity, we can also include the components that actually take care of the movements, in addition to the energy source that powers it.

This is why over the past few years, researchers have been almost exclusively focused on finding ways to make their robot designs as simple as possible.

The philosophy behind this being that the more simpler the design of the robot, the easier it would be to fit it inside a smaller construct.

To help cover the gap between what is and what ought to be, a lot of researchers are taking inspiration from the movements on animals to create movement systems for their robots, just like the Wave Bot.

The latest effort in this drive to create the latest generation of robots, comes from a team of researchers from the University Of Warsaw, who have just created a Caterpillar Robot.

The name of the robot justifies itself, as not only is the robot almost the size of a caterpillar, but it also moves like one with the help of a Liquid Crystal Elastomer and a laser beam.

The elastomer is the material that makes up the body of the robot, while the laser beam is responsible for using light energy to cause structural changes in the body.

The structural changes manifest themselves in the form of the undulating motion of a caterpillar, which lets the robot move across flat surfaces as well as on uphill tracks.

While there have been robots that use the same type of undulating movements, this is probably the first time it has happened with a robot of this size using such a unique power source.

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Posted on : 25 Aug 2016 @ 16:53

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