China Debuts Transit Elevated Bus

[Proof Of Concept Tested On Real Roads]

When it comes to public transport, every new concept is seen with skeptical eyes, as the logistics of it’s execution often baffle people in the beginning.

But when the project receives a proof of concept, everyone gets on board, as the grand vision becomes more clear and we know exactly what to expect.

The same holds true for the Elevated Bus that China has been developing for quite some time. We reported about this Land Airbus Concept some time ago with quiet skepticism ourselves.

But now, China has released a proof of concept that has turned most of the world in believers. This proof comes in the form of the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB), which is a full scale moving mockup of the bus.

The TEB was unveiled in Hebei province’s Qinhuangdao City, where it crawled across a 300 metre demo track. In this version, the bus stands at about 22-metres (72.2-feet) long, 7.8-metres (25.3-feet) wide, and 4.8-metres (15.8-feet) tall.

While it wasn’t tested at full capacity, but in it’s final version, the bus is supposed to pack up to 300 passengers in a mixed standing, sitting setup.

As promised, the bus leaves enough space for multiple cars to pass underneath it, as long as they are no taller than 2-metres (6.6-feet).

With the support this concept is receiving currently, the designers are confident that they will be able to complete the commercial version of the bus within a year or two. We will make sure to keep you updated on that as well.

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Posted on : 08 Aug 2016 @ 12:55

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