China Launches World’s First Quantum Satellite

[Satellite Developed For Quantum Entanglement Experimentation]

Quantum Computing is a very interesting field of science, as it holds the potential to unlocking new heights of computing prowess, as well as unparalleled security.

The computing part of this amazing technology owes it’s success to the nature of quantum bits, or better known as qubits themselves, as they can change back and forth between both 1 and 0 independently.

This ability has already been proven several times and doesn’t need anymore exploration. However, what does need exploration is the security aspect of this technology.

The interest in this aspect comes due to the theory that through quantum entanglement, we could potentially entangle two particles in separate locations on earth, and then beam the information between them instantly.

This would make the encryption impossible to break. In order to test this theory, China, in collaboration with The Academy Of Sciences in Vienna were planning to launch the World’s First Quantum Satellite.

It was an ambitious project to announce, and it was understood that it would take a lot of time and preparation before the launch would actually happen.

However, China has yet again found a way to surprise us, by actually going through the launch way ahead of our expectations. The launch itself was taken care of under the mission name, Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS).

It took flight from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in China, and has already reached it’s pre-decided orbit, where it will stay for the next two years, while the testing of Quantum Encryption goes underway.

While there aren’t a lot of details being shared regarding, if the experiments have already begun, but the hope is that soon enough we will get a confirmation whether our dreams of an unhackable encryption will come true or not.

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Source: CAS
Posted on : 29 Aug 2016 @ 00:03

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