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[App Alerts Authorities To Save Lives]

It goes without saying that car accidents were also invented alongside the invention of the automobile, and have now become a regular part of life for automobile owners.

These accidents lead to the deaths of thousands of people every year in various countries across the world. However, the sad part is that the accidents themselves often don’t kill the victims.

The reality of most cases of car accidents is in fact that, even if the victims survive the crash, they often don’t get proper medical attention required to save their lives.

This lack of care can be attributed to both the inability of the victim to call the authorities as well as the lack of bystander support in these circumstances.

To help with this issue, a lot of car manufacturers have started including Collision Detection Systems in their cars that contact emergency services on the behalf of the owner.

However, the majority of the cars already running on the roads don’t have this system, leaving them vulnerable to the same issues that we mentioned above.

To provide a more feasible solution to this problem a South African company called CrashDetech has brought the collision detection system to your smartphone.

This system comes in the form of an app of the same name, which uses the motion sensors of your smartphone to detect and recognize the motion and the G force that’s associated with a car crash.

This detection takes place within seconds of the crash, and once registered, the app immediately pinpoints the location of the accident and calls the emergency response center’s nearby with the information.

In addition to the location, the app also sends vital medical information related to the victim, such as their blood group and allergies, so that first responders know what sort of treatment to administer.

In it’s current iteration, this app only works in South Africa, but even within the limited coverage area, it still has access to the information of over 113 different emergency medical services so that you never go without care.

Obviously, these aren’t the only features that come with the app, but just like most medical services, they to have to be unlocked through a subscription plan.

You can access information about these features on the CrashDetech Website, as well as sign up to get alerts regarding if and when this service will be expanded beyond South Africa.

We will also be keeping an eye on all this news, with a promise to keep you updated regarding any new developments. Until then, be safe.

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