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When it comes to tackling serious diseases, delivering the right medication to the right part of the body at the right time is always of crucial importance.

This is why in recent years scientists have been trying to create new types of delivery mechanisms that don’t rely on just oral intake and injections.

One of the many delivery mechanisms under research focuses on the use of minute robots that can literally reach inside the body and directly deliver medication to the affected body part.

To make this concept successful, a lot of research teams have focused on a lot of mobility mechanisms. However, despite the advanced nature of the robots, this is one part of the equation that’s yet to be solved.

The problem comes from the fact that unobtrusive systems don’t have the power needed to go long distances in the human body, while the more capable ones end up doing a lot of damage on the way.

Now, researchers at Drexel University in Philadelphia seem to have found a solution to these problems in the form of tiny bead-shaped robots that can be controlled by Magnetic Fields.

The benefit of this system is that since the magnetic field is generated from outside the body, the robots themselves don’t need any complex propelling mechanisms.

This helps the researchers minimize their size while also saving a lot of time and effort that would have been wasted in developing a propulsion system of that size.

In addition, just by making sure the magnetic field is of a rotating nature, the robots can also in turn be spun in chains, which in itself creates a screw like propeller for pushing them forwards into the body.

By tweaking the rotation of the field, the chain of robots can also be easily split in order to be sent in different areas of the body via different blood vessels without any trouble.

The same maneuver can be used to bring back the beads together as well, thus making sure that the split is not a permanent move.

If and when this sort of system becomes ready for use in humans, it will definitely help in a lot of ways as far as drug delivery is concerned.

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Posted on : 16 Aug 2016 @ 22:51

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