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Watches have always been an item of prestige for their owners. This is why over the centuries people have made a habit of collecting watches like they were a piece of art.

It goes without saying that in most cases, they aren’t wrong. Luxury watches use such beautiful designs and such intricate working mechanisms that even single piece can be considered art.

Unfortunately, just like any other piece of art, they too have become unaffordable for the general public, since the name of the brand, just like that of an artist, commands an extra premium which most watch owners can’t pay.

In a way, pricing practices like this alienate the general public from the segment entirely. We have already seen this happening with paintings, and now we’re seeing the same happen to watches as well.

While this may be acceptable to most people, it certainly doesn’t sit well with designer Rafael Miranda, who has decided to bring back the love of watches with his new range of affordable designer watches.

This range is called DWISS M2 and it is one of those rare collection of beautiful watches that aren’t associated with any brand, thus making them quite affordable.

In addition to being brand less, these watches are also unique in another way, which is the direct connection between the designers, watch makers and the customers.

This way, it is ensured that each individual design is made according to the needs and aesthetics of the customers, so that you instantly have a connection with it.

An example of this uniqueness can be seen in the way the watch displays time, using a concentric pattern with hours on the outside, minutes on the inside, and seconds right in between.

But what makes these watches really special is the same fact that we addressed to begin with, they’re affordable. Despite the high quality standards, you can easily get one of these watches for just 700 Francs from the DWISS M2 Kickstarter Page.

This price is quite cheap when compared to other designer watches. So if you suddenly feel the urge to tell time in fashion, then go book one for yourself right now.

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