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[Scientists Use Pokémon To Create Interactive Dynamic Videos]

The success of Pokemon Go has proven to the world that people are ready for augmented reality experiences of the interactive nature.

However, it has also proven to the world exactly how limited this technology is in it’s current state. A dead giveaway of this flaw is the lifeless nature of the animation when it comes to Pokemon.

It’s not that they can’t move, but since their movement has absolutely no affect on the area near them, it looks quite fake and out of place.

This problem is often faced by animations of other types as well, since the cost of making the background responsive is quite high in the current technological framework.

In order to remove this limitation, and bring augmented reality to a whole new level, researchers from MIT have invented a program that allows virtual creations like Pokémon to interact with real-world environments they are projected over.

This fascinating new technology is called Interactive Dynamic Video, and it works by capturing the physical behavior of objects, so that they can them be manipulated in virtual space.

The videos made by this technology rely on predicting how objects will respond to unknown forces based on how they respond to known forces.

These responses are captured and analyzed based on the invisible vibrations given off by objects in the frame. These vibrations are then converted into different frequencies to create a model of that object’s behavior.

Once you have both the real and virtual elements in place, it becomes quite easy to create a more realistic and immersive augmented experience.

The researchers hope that this technology will eventually be used not only in AR video games, but also in movies and other forms of media that can benefit from a low cost way of manipulating 3D environments.

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Source: MIT
Category : Softwares / Web
Posted on : 11 Aug 2016 @ 07:05

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