Emma, The Robotic Masseuse

[Automated Robot Gives Professional Massages]

Apart from the pleasure aspect of the whole activity, massages are also known to serve a very important role in regards to helping athletes and patients heal from injuries of all sorts.

This is why hospital and sports teams often hire full time masseuses which work very hard to help people get rid of their physical aches.

The problem however comes from the fact that every body has it’s own needs, and if placed in the hands of inexperienced or overworked masseuses, the end result can be a disaster.

To help make this process a lot safer and also to reduce the burden on massage therapists, a company called AiTreat has create a one of a kind robotic massage therapist.

This robot is called Emma, short for Expert Manipulative Massage Automation, and it features a special six axis setup with pressure sensors and 3D camera monitoring to help automate the physical therapy process.

The sensors and the camera are used to constantly monitor the patient’s body in order to optimize the massage experience, which is then executed by a special 3D Printed Massage Tip.

This versatile and constantly learning nature of the robot makes sure that it will be a suitable massage therapy tool to all sorts of patients, all over the world.

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