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[Soap Dispenser Produces Foam Shaped Rose]

It is common knowledge that when it comes to sales, perception is often better than reality. This is why a lot of companies focus so much time and money on advertising.

In addition to advertising, marketing also helps create a likable image of the product, which the customer gets attracted to, thus influencing their buying decision.

While these statements apply to almost all types of products, there is a category of products that highlight these habits to an extreme; cosmetics.

The reason why cosmetic companies spend so much money on the marketing and advertising of products is because they know that beyond the perception, there is no way for the customer to know if their product is good or bad, until they actually use it.

This is why, often people stick to a particular brand just because of the way they perceive it in their minds. Companies take advantage of this ignorance by creating special campaigns to sell their products.

While most campaigns focus on the image of the product, not a lot of companies actually try to infuse an attractive gimmick right into the design of the product.

This is why when a Japanese cosmetics company called Kanebo decided to market their soap dispenser called Evita Beauty Whip, it immediately became an internet sensation.

What makes Evita such a desirable product is the fact that it’s design features a special dispensing opening, which releases soap in the form of a rose made out of foam.

Since this ability is what they’re focusing their entire campaign around, they have made sure that the rose comes out perfectly with each use.

You will understand the brilliance of this concept when we inform you of the fact that the product is already a viral hit, even though it’s not even released in the market yet.

This is one of the examples of great innovation manifesting itself in the form of simple tweaks. If you too appreciate the thought behind the design, or just like holding roses made out of soap, then you’ll have to wait for September 1, when the product official launches.

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