F-35A Fighter Jet

[Aircraft Declared Combat Ready]

A fighter jet is a very powerful piece of engineering that is made specifically for finding and destroying enemy targets in high pressure situations.

This is why they undergo rigorous development and testing in order to match the high quality and safety standards that are set forth by the air force.

The latest aircraft to go through said testing is the F-35A, a conventional takeoff version of what is being referred to as the next generation fighter jet.

This aircraft has been developed by Lockheed Martin to serve as a multi-role aircraft which can and probably will replace a wide variety of warplanes.

In order to do so, this plane has been designed specifically for air superiority and air-to-air and air-to-ground capabilities so that it can suppress enemy air defenses quite easily.

Helping it do that is an Intelligent Combat System, which controls a host of other auxiliary systems for enhanced situational awareness in the battlefield.

The final test of these capabilities was done on July 28, when the aircraft carried out it’s first air-to-air kill by engaging and destroying a target drone with the help of a heat-seeking missile.

In doing so, it has proved itself combat ready. As a result, it has now been put into service with the 34th Fighter Squadron of the 388th Fighter Wing, based at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. We wish it good luck.

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