Festo’s Flying Robots

[Beautiful Prototypes Take Inspiration From Animals]

When it comes to robotics, purpose is everything. No matter how many robots you come across, and no matter what sort of design they are constructed with, it all boils down to their purpose.

This has been the basic approach of robotics for quite some time, as developers try to find new and innovative ways of getting their creation to do what they were meant to do.

This holds true for even those robots that take inspiration from living creatures and the various unique systems that make them special in their own right.

We of course are talking about highly specialized robots like the Roko Robotic Monkey and the Jumping Cockroach Robot among many others.

Still, even though these robots are quite formidable in their own right, they lack something special that is required to capture the charm that robotics invokes in people.

You could say that in the race to fulfill their destiny, these roboticists leave behind the joy of creation. However, we still can’t say that this holds true for every robot ever created.

There are still those few specimens that were created just for the purpose of creation, in order to see what direction they would go from the drawing board.

We of course are talking about the beautiful range of robots created by Festo. These include flying robots like the eMotionButterfly, the AirJelly and the AirPengiun.

Not to mention the Flying Seagulls, the Robotic Ants and the Hopping Kangaroos. These robots are built specifically to see how far can they push the boundaries of innovation.

As with any display of this sort, it is understood that these robots will most likely never see the inside of a retail store, but if they ever do, we will make sure to keep you informed about it.

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