Fevipiprant Asthma Pill

[New Pill Clears Phase 3 Clinical Trial]

For million of people all over the world, Asthma is a bitter part of reality that they have to cope with on a daily basis.

While it may not appear as bad as fatal diseases, this disease however, has a more direct effect on the person’s immediate well being.

The attacks can take place almost anywhere, leaving the sufferer almost crippled as they try to cope with the very real after effects.

Thankfully there are asthma pumps and other solutions that help take care of these attacks, as long as you have the presence of mind to keep them nearby.

Still, they are not a permanent solution and in no way do anything to prevent the attacks from happening in the first place.

To take care of these limitations in the treatment of this disease, researchers from Leicester University have been working on developing an actual cure for the disease.

This cure comes in the form of a one of a kind asthma pill called Fevipiprant, which not only provides instant relief to asthma patients, but can actually repair the lining of their airways.

So far this pill has cleared all three phases of a clinical trial which was conducted to prove the efficacy of this treatment, showcasing almost 80% reduction in inflammation in people with moderate to severe asthma.

While this trail isn’t enough to get the pill market approval, it however still gives us a clear indication that this new form of treatment is almost ready to be used by the general public.

The aim of the researchers will now shift towards following up this research with more large scale trails so that they may be able to gather enough evidence to prove their claims beyond doubt.

If everything works according to the plans, the hope is that we will see the first market ready cure for asthma within the next three or four years.

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Source: The Lancet
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Posted on : 13 Aug 2016 @ 05:05

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