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Humans have been conducting surgeries on patients for hundreds of years now. As the understanding of human body evolved, so have the surgical tools to treat it.

Up until now, these tools have only been that, tools, that required surgeons to take control and tell them what to do and how to do it.

It was a very one dimensional relationship that put an extreme amount of stress on the surgeon. But now, a new system is here to help take some of the load off the surgeons head.

This new system, called the Flex Robotic System has been developed by Medrobotics, a company based out of Raynham, Massachusetts.

It comprises of a flexible tube like machine, which can be used by the surgeons to make their way into a patient’s mouth without the need of big incisions.

Once there, it provides a stable platform for them to insert other tools which are then used to make all the cuts and stitches that the surgeon would make by hand.

Since most of the stuff is happening without any open incision, the robot also comes equipped with cameras to let the surgeon see what’s happening.

As you can guess by now, this system, while being robotic, still relies completely on the surgeon to make the decisions, which is what was needed for it to be FDA approved.

The controls come in the form of joysticks and monitors and foot pedals. The system is complicated, yet it is intuitive enough that smart surgeons can easily learn it’s workings.

Currently the system is available in both United States and Europe with various surgeons trying it out and giving feedback. As the testing continues, there is hope that one day this will develop into a truly full fledged surgical system.

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