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[Upcoming Cars To Have No Steering Wheels And Pedals]

It’s not exactly big news that automobile manufacturers have started developed the next generation of cars which won’t even need humans to drive them.

Tesla as a brand had been one of the first companies to active explore this avenue, and seeing their progress, other companies too have begun developing their own plans for the technology.

The latest company to declare their intentions regarding this field of autonomous vehicles is Ford, and their plans seem to be even more ambitious than Tesla’s.

Under their plans, Ford will introduce a range of Completely Autonomous Cars by the year 2021. What makes this announcement special is the stress on the world completely.

What this means is that the cars released by Ford won’t give controls in the hands of humans at all, instead doing everything on their own.

This would mean a complete overhaul of the design process, as the new cars will neither have a steering wheel nor pedals for speeding or braking.

To make this possible, the cars will replace human input with other systems such as LiDAR and Radar along with various sensors and camera to create a virtual environment for the the car to work with.

Since these systems will make the driver useless, the first testing of these concepts will be done through Uber and other ride sharing services, where the customers already don’t have any control over the driving.

Whether people will accept this level of automation or not is another topic in itself, but as long as Ford gets it’s way, we will surely have to start thinking about it, considering the future isn’t as far as we think.

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