Forze VII Hydrogen Supercar

[Racing Prototype Debuts At TT Circuit]

As anyone keeping an eye on current automobile technologies would tell you, the entire industry seems to be in a hurry to move away from fossil fuels.

This trend started with the rising popularity of electric vehicles, which as a segment now features an entire range of vehicles with various energy production systems.

The latest system being developed for the next generation of electric cars is Hydrogen based propulsion, which has just been featured in a supercar.

What we are talking about is the Forze VII, a supercar that runs on hydrogen fuel cells. This car was developed by a team of students from Delft University Of Technology.

The prototype was officially unveiled at the TT Circuit in Netherlands, during the Gamma Racing Day. It features a cutting edge design with looks to rival most supercars.

The body itself is based on a LeMans Prototype (LMP) Monocoque Chassis and weighs around 1,100kg. A lot of the weight is taken up by 350 bar and 700 bar hydrogen tanks that are controlled by a custom valve system.

The hydrogen from these tanks is then infused by oxygen with the help of an air pump system, which can deliver upto 5000 liters of air per minute.

The energy produced by this mixture is then saved in an energy storage system, which is used to move the car forward. The total output of the system is enough to propel the car from 0-100 within 4 seconds.

It also features a top speed of 210 KMPH. While that may not appear like a lot, it’s still quite impressive considering that it’s a hydrogen based car.

We don’t yet know what the final power figures for this vehicle would be, or how different it would be to drive as compared to regular cars, but the demonstration itself is a good enough promise of the future to come.

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Posted on : 13 Aug 2016 @ 12:23

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