Green Junkie Plant

[Plant Designed Specially For Sucking Up Pollution]

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that pollution is one of the biggest problems facing this planet right now. No matter what the source, the end result is always an almost permanent increase in smog.

We say almost permanent because there is always a window to clean up the smog before it causes some really scary changes in the atmosphere.

But in the current scenario, other than plants, there isn’t really any viable and cheap solution that can help take care of this problem.

Even if we put all the load of pollution control on plants, it still seems somewhat unachievable in the current state, since most plants don’t have the capacity to suck up that much pollution.

Thankfully, a new strain of plant seems to be capable enough to take care of this problem. What we are referring is a very special hybrid of the honeysuckle plant called the Green Junkie.

This plant has been specially bred to crave and consume immense amounts of smog by birth. To make this possible, the plant was fed a custom organic fertilizer from birth.

This fertilizer was made from the plant waste collected from the streets, which was already infused to the brim with all the smog that had been captured by various other plants before dying.

This was an important step because it is what helped give this plant such an unconventional craving for carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

The research and development of this plant was undertaken and completed by the AMS Institute in Amsterdam, where it is already being tested to verify the claims associated with it.

If proven successful, this new type of plant could become the go to solution for pollution control on a tight budget. We can’t wait till it becomes available for the general public as well.

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Posted on : 17 Aug 2016 @ 05:43

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