Hod Lipson’s 3D Food Printer

[Prototype 3D Printer Cooks Complete Dishes]

Ever since 3D Printing was first introduced as a concept, there was one possibility that while not exactly confirmed, still held the imagination of the public at large; 3D Printed Food.

It doesn’t take a big stretch of imagination to think of a compact machine that would churn out your favorite food at the click of a button.

While there have been certain prototypes that proved such an application can exist, they still are quite rudimentary in their usage, and not at all practical for home use.

But that is about to change, thanks to a prototype 3D Food Printer developed by Hod Lipson and his team from Columbia University’s Creative Machines Lab.

This smart chef is a sleek looking gadget, which can not just print food, but can do it with a flair that rivals that of a trained chef.

To provide it a sense of versatility, the design incorporates various holding chambers for upto 8 ingredients, that can be used simultaneously to create beautiful dishes.

The printer’s arm is the major component of the design, as it not just takes care of the printing process, but the cooking too, thanks to an IR heating element fixed in the arm itself.

The design, flavor as well as the ingredients of the dish are still selected with the help of a special computer program. The team hopes to further simplify this process so that one day it could be distilled into an app.

Despite all these developments, it’s still important to note that the days of users 3D Printing entire meals in their homes are still some ways away. However, the execution of this prototype is still a great reminder of things to come.

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