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[Mixed Reality App Can Teach Piano Via Colored Overlays]

We’ve all known for some time now that eventually, there will come a time when a lot of mundane jobs will be taken over by technology, thanks to the enhanced accuracy and precision.

Another part of these assumptions is the fact that we believe that the jobs being taken over will be mostly grunt work, which doesn’t require much skill or talent on the part of the human worker.

This thought has comforted a lot of people who believe that their creativity and talent will save them from the rise of the machines.

However, now, a new technology is challenging this belief by claiming to give you piano lessons through a mixed reality app.

This app is called Holokeys, and it was developed by Karl Baumann and his HoloLens Hackathon team. The purpose of the app is to provide a colored overlay over regular piano keys to teach you proper musical notes.

While this type of technology has already been used in light-up musical keyboards, it still wasn’t mainstream enough, due to the limited number of songs, as well as keyboard models.

This app removes these limitations by making sure that you can use it with any regular keyboard/piano without a huge learning curve.

It goes without saying that this app is still in the proof-of-concept phase, but rest assured, it will certainly become a staple in the electronic learning segment once development is finished.

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Posted on : 02 Aug 2016 @ 16:18

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