Hydrogel Injections For Heart Repair

[Injectable Gel To Prevent Future Heart Attacks]

Heart disease is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world today. It affects millions of people around the world, and can be easily lethal if not taken care of properly.

A big reason for this disease to become fatal is the damage it causes to your heart. While most people consider heart attacks to be the real damage, infact it’s what comes after that’s truly problematic.

What we are referring to is the scar tissue that often starts covering the heart once the patient has already recovered from the attack.

This scar tissue creates all sorts of complications, which can further weaken the heart to the point where the patient becomes susceptible to heart failure.

This is why most doctors recommend that patients who have recently suffered from heart attacks should immediately make some changes in their lifestyle so that the scarring doesn’t get any outside help in doing extra damage.

However, even if a person turns their life upside down, they still can’t remove the damage already done to the heart, which is still a ticking time bomb considering what we know.

To tackle this issue, a lot of researchers have been trying to find ways of somehow reducing the impact of these scars, and in turn healing the heart to it’s original state.

One promising solution involves using Collagen Patches that would encourage the heart to heal on it’s own. However, as you can guess, this solution would require a surgery to be done on the heart, which is something most people like to avoid.

Thankfully, researchers from the University Of Pennsylvania are creating a less invasive solution to this problem, which involves the use of Hydrogel Injections to treat the damage.

These gels are currently being tested in animals, and have proven effective in repairing the areas weakened by the heart attack and reducing the risk of future heart related issues.

Initially, the plan was to use cell injections to treat the issue, while using hydrogels as potential carrier, since their mesh type design would prevent the cells from escaping the tissue.

But later the researchers observed that the hydrogel alone was proving effective in containing the damage, even without the cell injections.

So, they gave up on the idea of using cell injections, and instead started working on making sure that the gel had a better consistency and a longer life.

Through their efforts, they were able to make sure that the gel not only limited the formation of scar tissue, but also prevented the heart from enlarging and the heart walls from thinning.

Once they are able to reproduce these effects in humans as well, we will finally get a solution that will help keep the heart safe from future damage.

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Posted on : 29 Aug 2016 @ 13:16

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