IBM Builds Artificial Neurons

[Neurons Can Fully Mimic Human Brain Cells]

Someone with even the most basic understanding of human biology knows that the brain is the center of all activity that is carried out in the human body.

However, the brain isn’t a single solitary unit that can make all these activities possible. Instead, it is made up of billions of neurons that work together to transmit signal to and from the brain.

These neurons are what help the brain keep tabs on everything in the body and in turn generate responses based on the constant input that it receives.

This is why they have held the fascination of scientists and researchers alike, as they try to decode and replicate the workings of these neurons via artificial constructs.

Up until now, all the experiments conducted in this direction have proven futile as the researchers couldn’t exactly replicate the behavior of the neurons even if they found a way to replicate their design.

But now, researchers from IBM have found a way to get both sides of the equation right, by constructing artificial neurons that can actually mimic real human brain cells.

Under this history making experiment, the researchers were able to create 500 Artificial Phase Change Neurons in a lab, which were then grouped together to replicate the processing of a neurological signal.

The result was a successful demonstration of the same process that real neurons use to send signals to the brain, which in itself is a ground breaking achievement.

Now that the researchers have proven their ability to replicate the brain’s neurological process, their focus will now shift towards making these neurons even smaller and more efficient.

The goal of the team is to get the neuron’s size down to 14 nanometers, which is a huge gap from the current size of 90 nanometers.

If they are successful in doing so, we might soon reach that point in technology where researchers will be able to create small machines that have the same processing power as the human brain.

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Posted on : 12 Aug 2016 @ 05:59

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