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[AI System Detects Rare Leukemia In A Woman]

We as a society have a very mixed relationship with technology. While we have no problem using computers on a regular basis, but the mere thought of computers doing the work themselves gives us nightmares.

This is one of those ethical conundrums that are often by developers who are trying to push the boundaries of technological development while at the same time making sure not to make people too uncomfortable with the progress.

But, when cases come forward that showcase how smart and efficient these systems can be in times of need, it really helps validate the work of the people behind these systems.

One such case has come forward recently, that showcased the abilities of IBM’s Artificial Intelligence System called Watson, as it helped save a woman’s life within 10 minutes.

This demonstration of technological prowess involved the system detecting and diagnosis a rare type of cancer in a 60 year old woman.

The procedure was observed by doctors at the University of Tokyo, who attested that the the system was able to accurately compare the patient’s genetic code with a database consisting of 20 million studies on cancer and related diseases.

The entire process took barely 10 minutes, after which the system not only identified the type of cancer but also the relevant treatment that would help take care of it.

The doctors have already confirmed the diagnosis and are using the treatment course to help save the woman’s life. This is a big achievement as the woman had already been mis-diagnosed months ago.

Therefore, if the system hadn’t been able to detect the issue, the woman would have probably died by the time the doctors got around to discovering the real problem.

This incident has thus become a peek in to the future possibilities of systems like this, which can help doctors cut short the time it takes for diagnosis and cure by a large amount.

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Posted on : 18 Aug 2016 @ 10:31

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