Infiniti’s VC-T Engine

[World's First Production Engine With Variable Compression Ratios]

When it comes to cars, the drive to get the most output out of the least input is something that’s shared by all automobile manufacturers across the globe.

This is why they spend millions of dollars in trying to create new innovations that would help internal combustion engines perform better.

However, unlike the earlier days of automotive engineering where the complete focus was on increasing the power only, these days an almost equal amount of focus has to be given on efficiency as well.

This is due to the strict measures put in place by various countries to protect the environment from the damage caused by cars and their engines.

To help minimize this damage while still maintaining the amounts of power we have become used to, lots of manufacturers have begun introducing special systems that can help give a dynamic nature to the engine.

These include variable length intakes and variable valve timings among others. These systems are designed to change the behavior of the engine depending on the kind of output the user demands.

A new edition to these category of systems is the one of a kind Variable Cylinder Compression Ratio Technology being introduced by Infiniti.

This technology works by adjusting the compression ratio of the engine with the help of an actuator arm responsible for changing the angle of a multi link that is located around the crankshaft.

This multi link raises and lowers the top and bottom points of the piston stroke without moving the crankshaft or the cylinder head. The result being that the engine can change between a high-powered 8:1 ratio and a more efficient 14:1 ratio as per the driver’s need.

This will help further reduce the gap between high performance and high efficiency, that often keep performance cars from being everyday commuters.

While this type of technology is not new to the market, this will be the first instance when it will be seen in an actual production ready model, thus bestowing the 2.0 litre VC-T turbo petrol engine with the title of the World’s First Production Ready Variable Compression Ratio Engine.

We know that the title is a bit of a mouthful, but any automotive enthusiast would realize the importance of this technology and what it brings to the table.

If anyone wishes to see this engine or get to know more about it’s real life stats, then you’ll have to wait until the Paris Motor Show, when Infiniti will officially unveil the engine in all it’s glory. We will make sure to bring you all the updates about that.

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