InPen Insulin Injector

[Smart Pen Calculates Dosage & Tracks Injections]

Diabetes is a disease that millions of people suffer from on a daily basis. While the side effects themselves are quite trying, the real horror lies in the management itself.

We say this because, as there is no permanent cure for this disease, people suffering from it have to rely on medication to keep it under control.

For people who suffer from mild diabetes, this isn’t that big an issue since all they require are pills taken at regular intervals.

But for people suffering from more advanced levels of this disease, the management itself becomes a big issue as they have to maintain regular injections of insulin to keep themselves stable.

These injections are either taken with the help of doctors/nurses who use disposable syringes to do the job, or through special injectors that the patient can use for self medication.

While self medication is the more empowering option for these people, it still can be quite troublesome as then the responsibility of tracking the injections and calculating the exact dosage rests on the patient alone.

To help with this management, a company called Companion Medical has created an FDA approved insulin pen called InPen, that can not only help you inject insulin with ease, but also keep track of the rest of the stuff as well.

This pen works like most insulin pens do, as an injector combined with a reservoir for storing the insulin. But the special part about it is that it also comes equipped with sensors that keep track of what dose you are taking and how much does it deplete the reservoir.

This information is constantly synced with your smartphone via Bluetooth, so that you can maintain an accurate record of your intake. The app where this information is stored also lets you calculate and pick the exact dose you need to take.

This way, you don’t mix up the dosage, and also get to manage and schedule your medication, all with the help of a device that is both sleek and discreet.

So, if you are one of the people that can benefit from this device, keep an open eye as the company is going to announce the price and launch date any day now.

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Posted on : 11 Aug 2016 @ 00:38

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