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[Cheap Device For Accurate Diagnosis]

Malaria is a disease that kills thousands of people all over the globe each year. The main reason for this is the lack of speedy diagnosis.

The problem with current diagnosis systems is that they require blood sample testing which is done in laboratories that aren’t often present in remote locations.

To rectify this limitation, a PhD student from MIT by the name of John Lewandowski has designed a mechanical blood testing device called RAM (Rapid Assessment of Malaria).

The device is the first of it’s kind of be not only cheap but after fast and accurate. So accurate, that the designer claims that you’ll get your results in just 5 seconds.

The internals are made up of a small circuit board, a battery, magnets and a laser. These ingredients are placed in a 4×4 inches plastic box, which features a SD card slot and an LCD screen on the exterior.

The entire setup works just like a blood sugar test. You prick your finger and insert the blood drop into the box. The system then looks for crystals in the blood which are only formed when malaria is present.

These malaria crystals are attracted by magnets to form a pattern, which are read by the lasers within seconds to give accurate diagnosis.

The great thing about this device is that it costs just around $100-$120 to make, as it utilizes low-cost, easily available materials.

The creation of this devices gives hope to people living in remote conditions, who would otherwise have no other options for proper malaria detection.

We just hope that devices like this are spread to all the places that need it as soon as possible, so that we can curb malaria related deaths to a large extent.

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Posted on : 01 Aug 2016 @ 22:32

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